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Dave Malone Biography
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Dave Malone is best known as the guitarist/vocalist of The Radiators from New Orleans, Louisiana. The Radiators, still with the original five members, have been bringing their New Orleans-inspired music to the rest of the world for 28 years. The Rads have released more than a dozen albums and are extremely proud of their latest: Dreaming Out Loud (SCI Fidelity 2006). They maintain a strong, loyal fan base and are on the road relentlessly.

Dave was born in New Orleans on August 29th…a day stolen from him by hurricane Katrina many years later. Because his Dad was in the military, he and his Mom and three brothers moved constantly and spent many hours in the family car with the radio blasting. “I feel very fortunate to have had access to radio the way it was then. We would hear every type of music imaginable: pop, country, soul, blues etc., etc…and to me they weren’t all that different from one another.. If it was melodic and tuneful with a good singer...I loved it!!.. To me, George Jones and Hank Williams are just as soulful as Otis Redding and Muddy Waters.”

The family finally settled in a tiny sugar cane town on the Mississippi River….Edgard, Louisiana....where Dave’s older brothers got mail order guitars from Montgomery Ward and were learning folk songs and Duane Eddy songs from the records they were starting to collect. Dave was just a kid when he witnessed the event that changed his life: The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Singing and playing guitars seemed like an extremely cool thing to do. “I was mesmerized and completely hooked and thought that their music sounded so fresh and exciting….especially since Mom & Dad's record collection consisted of Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads, Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits, The Fabulous Johnny Cash and a couple of Sing Along with Mitch LP's. Since then, Beatles music has always inspired me. I even use a 60’s Gibson J-160E and a 60’s Hofner bass on all my stuff in my home studio (and to this day, it remains a thorn in my side that I had to miss The Beatles at City Park Stadium to attend my brother Tommy’s birthday party). There were no record stores in Edgard, so I had to order 45s from Victoria at The Honey Hush [the same Honey Hush that Dave reminisces of in his song “Barnburner”]. At the same time, my older brothers and their friends provided access to other cool 45s and LPs. I have to confess though…. I still love those Marty, Johnny and Johnny albums!”

When brother John put a band together with school friends, Dave hung around so much that he got the opportunity to pick up and learn to play the bass guitar. His folks were kind enough (or crazy enough) to let them commandeer the family dining room for years and years for practice. A little later, Dave started on the guitar and formed his first band: The Family Dog, with some other Edgard guys, including Jeff Amedee (older brother of subdude Steve Amedee) on drums. “When I was a junior in high school I paid 80 dollars for my first good guitar…a 1956 Fender Telecaster…which I still have and love. We got regular gigs in Morgan City and Port Sulphur, bought a milk truck for equipment and actually made money and thought we were really rolling.”

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